Some cleaning services at the University City to be put out to tender

After a comprehensive consultation process, the senior management team has decided that the cleaning services for Aarhus BSS in its new facilities in the University City will be put out to tender. Input from the liaison committee organisation will inform the tendering process.

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This spring, in connection with the development of the university’s campus, the senior management team proposed to put cleaning services at the buildings in the University City which will house the Aarhus BSS activities currently located on Fuglesangs Allé from 2025. After a thorough process in which relevant liaison committees, union representatives and employees were consulted, the senior management team has now decided to go forward with the tender process. Cleaning services at the new exam hall in Lisbjerg will also be included in the tender.

The senior management team would like to thank the parties involved in the consultation for their input on the proposal. University Director Kristian Thorn said:

“The comments we have received during the consultation period have enabled us to make a more qualified decision, and contribute significantly to heightening focus on issues including cleaning staff working conditions, the quality of the services provided, day-to-day working relationships with cleaning personal and security with regard to confidentiality and critical infrastructure. These considerations will be included the process of preparing the upcoming tender.” Thorn also emphasised that both price and quality are important factors.

The Main Liaison Committee, the Liaison Committee for the Administration and the local liaison committee for the Administrative Centre at Aarhus BSS provided input. Union representatives and the Main Liaison Committee’s advisory group on procurement also participated in the consultation.

Employees can also submit bids for the contract

The cleaning services that will be put to competitive tender are currently performed by a cleaning services team of 16 employees at Aarhus BSS. The team has been informed of the senior management team’s decision. They will have the opportunity to submit their own bid for the contract, and the university has allocated funds to support that work. In the event that the result of the upcoming tender is that the cleaning services contract is awarded to an external supplier, the employees will be transferred to the supplier, according to the principles of the Business Transfer Act.

After the summer holidays, Procurement under AU Finance will start preparing the tender documents, including appointing a steering committee and working group for the tender. The liaison committee organisation will be involved and consulted in the course of the tender process. The supplier for cleaning services for Aarhus BSS’ facilities in the University City as well as the AU Exam Hall is expected to be awarded in the first half of 2025.