Respect for different opinions and respectful communication at the university

Announcement from the senior management team.

We are all deeply affected by the tragic conflict currently unfolding in the Middle East. And our university communities are no exception. In recent days and weeks, we’ve been seeing message boards on university campuses used to communicate messages about the conflict.

People have strong feelings about this situation, and everyone has a right to express themselves publicly within the limits of the law. But at the same time, everyone has a responsibility to contribute to a climate of communication and behaviour characterised by respect and decency. Including when controversial topics are being discussed.

Harassing, intimidating and threatening people we disagree with is never acceptable, and we condemn such behaviour in the strongest possible terms. Our universities must be safe, secure places to work and study for all. Including for people we might disagree with. We reject all forms of anti-Semitism unconditionally, as we reject all forms of hate speech denigrating individuals or groups on the basis of their faith, race, and ethnic or national background.

At the same time, we are committed to safeguarding freedom of expression and the individual’s right to exercise that freedom. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right in Denmark. And this means that students and staff at Danish universities may be confronted by points of view, images or graphics that may offend them. We expect all members of our university communities to respect everyone’s right to express themselves – as long as they express themselves within the limits of the law.

We insist on respectful behaviour and respectful communication at our universities, even when we disagree. If you experience harassment, intimidation, threats or other unacceptable behaviour, we encourage you to report this to the management.