Need to install or update applications on your computer? From now on, you need to activate your rights first

Security on staff computers will be tightend to make them less vulnerable to cybercrime.

Soon you will have to activate the admin rights on your staff computer yourself to install anything new. Photo: Colourbox

To improve security, AU is rolling out a program called Heimdal Security. What the program does is lock administrative rights on AU's staff computers so that they are not accessible to the hackers and other cyber criminals who are constantly trying to gain access to AU's systems.

So once you have Heimdal on your computer, you will need to remember to use it to unlock admin rights before you can install or update an application on your computer.

It’s easy to activate admin rights –you just click a button on the taskbar – and it only take a moment. Then you can install or update programs as usual.

Phased roll-out in 2024

Heimdal Security will be rolled out on all devices at the university in 2024, starting with the administration. AU IT will contact each unit to coordinate the installation of Heimdal Security in advance, and staff will be given more information as needed.

A very few staff members may need to be exempt from Heimdal because they have tasks they can’t perform without full access to admin rights at all times. Such cases will be considered and approved individually.

This new security measure is part of a more general initiative to tighten IT security at the university by upgrading security technology, and has been approved by the senior management team. In addition, limiting local admin rights is one of the technical requirements for IT security at state-sector institutions in Denmark. 

Additional information

To learn more about how Heimdal works, check out this  how-to guide and FAQ.