Universities suspend collaborations with Russia and Belarus

The Danish universities have issued a joint statement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Photo of roof and blue sky
Photo: Uffe Amelung Fredens

Rector of Aarhus University, Brian Bech Nielsen, is pleased with the fact that Danish universities stand united on this issue: 

"We are witnessing a brutal and unprovoked Russian aggression towards Ukraine, and it fills us all with horror. It goes completely against our democratic values, and it is a direct attack on the basic sentiment that we can co-exist peacfully despite our differences.The Senior Management Team at Aarhus University strongly condemns Russia's acts of war and the Belarussian support thereof. Subsequently, I am pleased that all 8 Danish universities stand united and will be suspending institutional scientific and educational collaborations with state actors in Russia and Belarus. At Arhus University, we will also be reaching out to Ukrainian research colleagues and institutions in order to find out how we can help them. The uinversity will also be intensifying its support of Ukrainian scientists at risk of persecution. This will be done via the Scholars At Risk-programme. Finally, we will reach out to those of our employees and students who are most affected by this grim situation. I encourage all to respect and support one another, regardless of nationality and heritage". 

Aarhus University has recommended to the students who were in Russia during the beginning of the invasion that they travel home. The university is in contact with them, and several of them have already departed for Denmark.