Pure at AU

Pure is an IT system designed to collect, maintain and display data related to research production. Pure is used by all higher-education institutions in Denmark and by a number of institutions abroad. The Danish universities collaborate with the provider Elsevier to develop the system.

Pure data, including the researchers' publications, research activities, and projects, are displayed on the researchers' personal AU website at www.au.dk.

Ownership and management

Formally, Aarhus University (AU) owns Pure. As part of a larger service agreement, AU has delegated the management of the system to AU Pure, which is part of Det Kgl. Bibliotek (KB) | The Royal Danish Library. Organizationally, Pure is anchored at both the university and Det Kgl. Bibliotek, and is managed in close collaboration between the two organizations.

AU System Owner

John Westensee, Deputy University Director, AU Research Support - Stab, AU Research Support

KB Owner

Susanne Dalsgaard Krag, Administrative Officer, AU Library, Bartholins Allé

System Manager

Nicolaj Pedersen Tanderup, Special Consultant, AU Library, Pure

System Owner (Portal)

Steffen Longfors, Head of portfolio and development, AU IT - Development and User Experience

Display of Pure data

Display of Pure data happens through AU’s custom Pure portal solution, which is also owned by AU IT. The responsibility for exhibiting Pure data thus lies with AU IT.

The portal solution is integrated with AU’s content management system (CMS), which forms the foundation for AU employees' personal websites.