Organisation and areas of responsibility

Pure is an IT system designed to collect, maintain and display data related to research production. Pure is used by all higher-education institutions in Denmark and by a number of institutions abroad. The Danish universities collaborate with the provider Elsevier to develop the system.

Pure data, including the researchers' publications, activities and projects, are displayed on the researchers' personal AU homepage. Collaboration maps, Fingerprints and other content types are shown on the Pure portal.

AU Pure is an organisational unit under the Danish Royal Library. AU Pure is a central unit, and handles the following key tasks in Pure:

  • Validation of submitted publications that are published in their final version
  • Support, guidance and information to all users of Pure
  • Increasing data quality
  • Technical system management

Ownership and management

Formally, Aarhus University (AU) owns Pure. As part of a larger service agreement, AU has delegated the management of the system to AU Pure, which is part of Det Kgl. Bibliotek (KB) | The Royal Danish Library. Organizationally, Pure is anchored at both the university and Det Kgl. Bibliotek, and is managed in close collaboration between the two organizations.

AU System Owner

John Westensee , Advisor , AU Research Support - Research Data Office

KB Owner

Hanne Munch Kristiansen , Library Manager , AU Library, Health Sciences

System Manager

Anne Korsgaard Kjeldahl , Special Consultant , AU Library, Pure

System Owner (Portal)

Steffen Longfors , Head of portfolio and development , AU IT - Portfolio and Development


Validation means that a publication get a final stamp of approval, assuring that the information about the publication in Pure is correct and adequate.

The validation task is handled by AU Pure. This is the core task of the team. The AU Pure team compares the registered data in Pure with the information in the actual publication. Publication data is corrected if necessary. Then, the publication is save with the status of Validated.

In the event that AU Pure has questions to the registration, or the submitted publication cannot be found and verified, AU Pure contacts the main author to get the missing information.

If a publication is changed after AU Pure has validated it, the publication is subject to revalidation.

Write the AU Pure Support at if you have questions regarding the validation process.

You might also want to read our page about the team's work with increasing the data quality for the benefit of reporting.

Display of Pure data

Display of Pure data happens through AU’s custom Pure portal solution, which is also owned by AU IT. The responsibility for exhibiting Pure data thus lies with AU IT.

The portal solution is integrated with AU’s content management system (CMS), which forms the foundation for AU employees' personal websites.

Other utilisation of Pure

System for submissions will change in spring 2024

From 2024, bachelor's and master's projects will be submitted in Wiseflow and no longer in Digital Exam. This requires a new integration between Pure and Wiseflow. Click here for a status on the integration.

Student assignments / bachelor projects

Student can agree to sharing their student project (bachelor project, assignment) with other AU students through the library system. Consent is given when the project is submitted through the digital-exam system. If the student consents, the student project is sent on to Pure. From here, the project becomes available through the library system after it has been approved and evaluated. The project files remain in Pure.

If a student project is no longer to be shared through the library system, it needs to be removed from Pure. This is handled by AU Pure. Student services is to create a Pure support request through Cherwell or by writing

Students must contact student services to get help and guidance related to revoking their student project.

Support and information to Pure users

AU Pure defines Best Practice for registering research output at AU, and manages the central support and training of system users.

In addition, AU Pure is responsible for the Pure website and communication to users. The Pure website contains user guides and the latest news related to Pure.

AU Pure coordinates and services the network Pure and bibliometrics, which is comprised of Pure contacts from Aarhus University, Aarhus University Hospital and the Danish Royal Library.

Technical system management

AU Pure is responsible for the daily operation of Pure including system updates and trouble shooting issues that impact system performance.