Editorial work

We differentiate between two different ways in which you can do editorial work:

  1. You are house editor of a journal and edit the journal on an ongoing basis. You register this work as an activity.
  2. You edit a single issue of a journal/proceeding/book series, for example a special issue or thematic issue. You register this contribution as an anthology.

Editing as activity

If you are house editor for a journal, book series etc. and edit the published issues of the journal regularily, this work is to be registrered as an activity. There is a special template for this purpose.


Start by selecting whether this is research or communication. This relates to the general content of the journal.

Activity information

Under "Activity information" you have to select a type of editorial work. This could be the journal that you are editor for. You also have the option to select a publisher or event where you work as editor. An event could e.g. be a conference or a campaign. You can only select one of the three types. If you change the type, the information under your first choice is deleted.


Make a short description of the editorial work. If you have registered editorial work of a special issue of a journal as an activity, you can add volumen, issue and titel in the description field.


Give a specific period or date for when you functioned as editor for the above journal, publisher or event.

Search for and add one or more persons to the activity. Please note, that you are able to select different role from the drop-down menu. Clik "Create" to save the information about the person".

In the remaining part of the template you have the option to add key words, a link or a document, and to relate projects and other content from Pure.

Finish by clicking "Save".

Editing a single issue

If you have edited a single issue of a journal/proceeding/book series e.g. a thematic issue, you may register this contribution as a publication, selecting the subcategory (template) "Anthology" under "Book /anthology /dissertation/report".

Enter the relevant information for the publication such as publication category, publication status and publication year and month.

Add yourself under "Contributors and affiliations". You need to change the default role assignment from "Author" and instead select "Editor" from the drop-down list.

Also, add the relevant organisational units. That means the organisation(s) that you represent when performing the editorial work.

Click "Create" (Update) to finish.

Add additional persons e.g. if there are other editors of this publications.

The next thing you need to do is to add a book series, meaning that you need to add the journal itself, so that the publication shows in the right context.

Click the button "Add book series" and search for the title of the journal.

Check the ISSN in the search results to make sure that you select the correct journal.

Fill out additional relevant information including link to electronic version of the publication, keywords, sustainable development goals etc.

Finish by clicking "Save".