Editorship of journal

There are two types of journal editorships. One is Ongoing editorship of a journal A and the other is the Editorship of a single issue B, for example, a themed issue.


Ongoing editorial work must be recorded as an activity. You should choose the template named Ongoing editorial work within which you should choose the sub category Editor of research journal.

Fill out the journal title, ISSN, indicating if it is research or communication, relationship to project, etc., if applicable and available. You can also upload a document and add a link. You can also add keywords. Remember to click save.


Editorship of a single journal issue, for example, a themed issue, must be registered as a publication. You should select the template entitled Book /anthology /dissertation /report, and select the sub-category entitled Anthology.

Here you enter the appropriate information for the publication, as usual, but when you fill in the author information, select the role "Editor".

The themed issue title should be included in the title field, while the journal title should be searched for via Book series.

Remember to select from the central database, if possible.

Fill out remaining relevant information and save.