Google & Google Scholar

Here you can learn more about how and why your information is shown in Google. You can also read about what to consider when registering publications in PURE that have not yet been peer-reviewed.

If you want to add a Google Scholar Link icon to your profile, you can read about it under Profile and homepage.

Unfortunately, the Pure support team cannot help you with questions in relation to Google, as Google's systems are automated and inaccessible to outsiders.

Your homepage in Google

When your website shows up on Google, it is because the page has been indexed by Google. You can read more about this here. If your website isn't on Google, it hasn't been indexed yet.

Google makes a living by providing search results that are as relevant as possible. Therefore, search results are ranked based on many different parameters, such as the choice of words, relevance, date and the usability of the page. The algorithm uses theses parameters to find the right search result for the specific user's specific search. You can read more about the different parameters here.

Indexing and ranking are not something you can directly influence. Therefore, it is not possible for you, the PURE team or anyone else to choose whether Google should rank your personal homepage or PURE profile at the top. Likewise, we cannot remedy if an old profile picture shows up in Google searches. That's a result of Google having indexed the information.

Indexing in Google Scholar

Indexing is also done in Google Scholar. This means that articles or other publications that you have registered and made publicly visible in Pure can automatically appear on Google Scholar. This can be a problem in relation to the blind peer-review process, as your contribution is thus not only on your own website, but also the world's largest search engine. Therefore, we recommend that you do not make your publications visible until they have been through peer-reviewed.

If you want to know moew about indexing and Google Scholar, you can do so here.