Conference and event publication

When you register written conference material, it is important that you select the correct category (template), and add information about the confence, the conference or book series, and publisher. That adds context to your publication and provides a more complete picture.

How to register participation in conferences and events is handled in a different guideline.

Registering conference publications

There are seven template that are relevant to use when registering conference material. The templates are located in three different categories based on publishing channel 1. When you register your conference publication, you need to select the template (subcategory) that corresponds to the actual publication type.

1 In the past, only conference publications published in journals and proceedings generated points according to BFI.

Types of conference material by publishing channel

1. Journal

  • Conference article
  • Conference abstract

2. Proceeding

  • Conference contribution/-article
  • Conference abstract

3. Conference material

  • Poster
  • Conference abstract
  • Paper

The category Conference material encompasses material that is published at the conference itself or on the conference website, but is not published in a journal or proceeding.

Always register the following information with your conference publication

  • Journal/publisher
  • The conference under "Event". You can search for the conference record in Pure or create it yourself. If you create the conference record yourself, feel free to add a link to the confence website to have the link shown with your publication.
  • BFI conference series. It is no longer necessary to add BFI-conference series, as BFI has been shut down, and the BFI-lists with conference series are no longer maintained.
  • Book series if the proceeding is published in a book series.

The fields for this information are not placed in a nice order in the templates. This increases the risk of not filling them out. Use this guide as your check list to make sure you add all the necessary information.