Participation in conference or event

Your participation in a conference or an event may give rise to multiple registrations in Pure.

The participation itself is registered as an activity. The same is the case if you have been part of arranging the conference, workshop etc. You should only register your own participation unless you have an agreement with other participants.

If you have given a presentation, delivered a speech, been a panel member or the like, you register these activities as an oral contribution.

If you have produced an article, abstract, paper or similar related to the event, you need to register this contribution in Pure as a publication, using the corresponding content type. Please refer to the pages Conference contributions also under Publication types.

Create your participation as an activity

You find the templates under "Activity". Select one of the templates". The template will open in a new window.

Click on "Add event" at the top of the template. This opens a pop-up window.

Search for the event name. If you do not find it, click on "Create new" and fill out the information for the event in the new window. Finish by clicking "Create".

Fill out the details for your participation

When you have add the event, you can add a short description and other details about the event if it is relevant to show on your personal AU homepage.

The dates under "Period" are for your own participation. If it is just one day, select "Specific date". Otherwise, select period and fill in the dates for the days you participated.

Under Persons/Organisations, you add your name and your participant role. You are able to add other persons, but only do so if you have their permission as the event will show up on AU persons' AU homepage right away.

The "Administrative organisation" is in this context the organisation that you belong to, and is responsible for the registration in Pure. It is added automatically when you create the activity.

You have the option to add links and documents as well. It could be the program for the event or a link to the conference's website.

Associate related content

If you contributed to the event in more than one way, produce a publication, gave a presentation etc. you can relate these contributions together under "Relations". If the other pieces of content are not registered in Pure yet, you can relate the participation activity when you create the other pieces.