External publications

If you have authored (edited / translated) publications before you were employed at Aarhus University, you can register these publications in Pure on an equal footing with AU affiliated publications. When you do so, you are required to register all authors and their affiliations exactly as is shown on the publication.

If you or any of the other authors do not have an AU-affiliation, we consider the publication to be "external". Therefore, the publication is only shown on your personal AU homepage, and not on the website of the department where you are employed at AU.

Registering external publications

You register your publications by assigning yourself as an author or editor, and then associating the relevant organisation that is featured on the actual publication. This will typically be where you were employed or associated when the publication was produced. This could be another university, a company, a special interest organisation etc.

If you have several external publications, it may be a good idea to import them into Pure rather than manually entering them. This requires that you can obtain a BibTex, RIS or PXA file from another source where you have your publications stored. This could be from another Pure installation at a Danish university, or from your ORCID profile.

Whether it is acceptable to refer to a repository with a link is a matter you need to discuss with your organisational management, as it may be a requirement to register all publications in AU’s Pure, regardless of whether they are external or not.

Displaying and reporting external publications


The inclusion of external publications is first and foremost  noticeable in matrix views and in " X Research outputs are waiting to be pushed to next workflow step" shown in the task list.

It is only the number that has increased compared to which publications are actually managed. Persons with editorial roles only need to complete the tasks that they have agreed to in their local organization.


If you use the report module in Pure or pull lists in the list view to report on publications, and use the filter "Managing organisational unit" you list will include external publications.

To exclude the external publications you need to add an extra filter. Add the filter "Origin" and select "With internal affiliation". This filters out the external publications.

Remember to save your filter with the new configuration so it is ready available for the next time.