Registration of PhD theses

Select template Ph.D. thesis.

The PhD thesis is considered to be released only after the defense has been approved
Specify the release year as the year in which the defense is approved. On the publication itself there is therefore a previous publication year. Please write. This year in the field 'Bibliographic note'.

Select 'Multiple Languages' if the thesis contains contributions in different languages.

The publisher
The publisher is the name of the publication. For example: 'Aarhus University, Department of Education and Education', 'Aarhus University, Department of Computer Science'.

Electronic version

If the dissertation is uploaded to PURE, it is the responsibility of the reporter that copyright rules are complied with.

Inform the requester if the PhD thesis is part of a required research project.

Add as' Supervisor: Name(s)' in the 'Note regarding. thesis'.

Defense Date

Add date of defense date in the field 'Note about thesis'.

If your PhD thesis after approved defense is also published as a book on an external publisher, register this release separately as a 'Book'.