PhD dissertation

A PhD dissertation can be submitted in Pure like any other publication. There is a separate template for registering the dissertation.

The PhD dissertation template is located under Publication - Book / anthology / dissertation / report / Ph.d. dissertation. It is the author's responsibility to submit the dissertation in Pure.

PhD dissertations are validated after an approved defence. AU Pure validates according to the lists of PhD with approved defences that we receive from the graduate schools.

Publication status

Fill in the publication year and month. Please be aware, that PhD dissertations are only considered published after the defence of the dissertation has been approved. Therefore, use the year of the defence's approval as the publication year. There might be a different year stated on the publication itself. You may write this year in the field "Bibliographic note" e.g.. "Published 2021".

Original language and language versions

Select the correct original language from the drop-down menu and add the title in the original language to the title field. The original title is shown in both the Danish and the English version of the registration and your personal AU homepage.

Dissertations in Danish could have a title and an abstract in English. You may add the English title in the field "the publications translated title". This field can also be used if the original title is translated from English to Danish or a to a third language - if not just leave it blank. Add a description or abstract in the "Abstract" field. If the abstract is only available in English, you only need to add it to the English language version of the template, as the text will be shown on both the English and the Danish versions of your personal AU homepage.

Contributors and affiliations

Add the author(s) and make sure the appropriate organisational units are affiliated for each person, and according to the information of the dissertation.


Under "Publisher" add the publisher. The publisher follows what is written on the publication. For most dissertations the publisher will be "Aarhus University". You can be more specific and add an organisationa unit such as  "Aarhus University - Department of Education and Education". The remaining publishing information such as Volume and ISBN are seldomly relevant when the dissertation is published by the university.

If your PhD dissertation is published with an different publisher later on e.g. as an artikel or book, you need to register this publication separately in PUre as that publication type.

Electronic version

You have the option to upload the dissertation in Pure as a file. Please pay attention that all rights, copy right rules, and confidentiality agreements are observed if you choose to do so.

Commissioning body (Not imaged)

If the dissertation stems from a request or a requested research project, add the "Commissioning body" in this section.

Note regarding dissertation and Supervisor and Date of Defence

In this field you may add information that pertains specifically to your dissertation including the name of your supervisor e.g "Supervisor: Victoria Ballerina" and the date you defended your dissertation. Defence date: 24th March, 2022.

You can also add key words, sustainability goals and relate other content created in Pure for example if the dissertation is related to a research project.

Keywords and Sustainability Goals

You can also add key words, sustainability goals and relate other content created in Pure for example if the dissertation is related to a research project.

Validation of PhD dissertations

Your PhD thesis is not validated till after the defence has been approved.