There is a built-in reporting modul in Pure that can be used to pull reports on registered content. You need special permissions to be able to create reports in Pure.

It takes practice and good knowledge of the data in Pure to produce accurate reports. AU Pure will gladly assist with learning to use the reporting module but do not assume any responsibility for the interpretation and conclusion based on reports created outside of AU Pure.

You can finde Elsevier's guide to the reporting module below. If you have questions regarding reporting or data you may contact the Pure support at

Guide to the reporting module

With an upgrade of Pure the new reporting module has been improved with a good number of new changes and features. That is why we have shared Elsevier's release notes for reporting for:

as a service to those who work with reporting in Pure. As reporting is only interesting for a few users, we do not have any other guides to the reporting module on our homepage.

The new reporting modul is still in "beta". That means that is in production, but is still being developed. The reporting module is prette much able to deliver the same reports as the old module.

Reporting module permissions

Reporting permissions are given only to those users who have been assigned to creating reports by their organisation.

Permissions are limited to the organisational unit(s) that are relevant for the individual reporting person.

To get reporting permissions, send an email to Pure support at with a short description of what types of reports you need to create in Pure.

Reporting on organisational units and centers

Organisational units are synchronized daily into Pure from the Organisational Unit registry. This also applies to centres and interdisciplinary organisational units. There are both active and discontinued organisational units in Pure. It is possible to include both types in reports.

If there is a need to report on a unit that is not available in Pure, the unit must first be added to the Organisational Unit registry by AU.

  1. You need to create a support case through AU's service portal to have a unit added. AU Pure cannot add units directly in Pure.
  2. When the unit has been synchronized into Pure, it must be related to the relevant authors on the publications. Then, it is possible to include the unit in reports.

NB: When AU Pure validates the publications, the publication's authors are only affiliated with the organisational units stated on the publication. This means that a center is only related to an author if it stated directly on the publication.