The annual celebration

Aarhus University was founded on 11 September 1928, and holds a celebration every year to commemorate the event. We invite staff and external associates, whose contributions and support are invaluable to Aarhus University to join us at the celebration.

The 2021 annual celebration will take place on 10 September

The celebration of the university’s 93rd anniversary will begin in the afternoon with speeches, a celebration address, music, the conferral of honorary doctorates and presentations of awards and scholarships. The annual celebration will take place in the Main Hall on Nordre Ringgade. The event is for invited guests with a ticket of admission only.

The celebration will continue in the evening with an event at Concert Hall Aarhus. At 20:00 there will be a concert for staff and external partners in Store Sal, conducted by Peter Vuust and Per Christian Frost. Afterwards, all guests are welcome to have a glass of wine in the foyer.

Registration for Aarhus University employees
If you are an Aarhus University employee, please click the blue bar to the right for registration.
Note: If you are an employee and receive a personal invitation by email on 9 August, please use the registration link in the invitation (you should not use the employee registration link you receive on 10 August if you are an AU management representative). 

Registration for external associates
Please register via the personal invitation sent by email on 9 August.

Naturally, Aarhus University is following the authorities’ guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.