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What will Campus 2.0 mean for us in the administration?

The senior management team presented the Campus 2.0 master plan at a general meeting earlier this month. I would therefore like to share my overall thoughts on how the administration will fit into Campus 2.0 and a little about how we in the administration will support the implementation of the master plan. Finally, I would encourage you to send in your suggestions and good ideas for creating the university of the future.

At present there are no concrete plans for what Campus 2.0 will mean for the administration in practical terms. My ambition is that, in the near future – as we reach greater clarity about the details of the master plan – we will also outline a Campus 2.0 master plan for the administration.

I expect that the administration’s master plan will be largely governed by the two main considerations: I would like to see the units within the administration be located closer together, given more room and a more permanent location. I would also like to consider whether parts of the administration should be closer to the departments and centres.

Locating the units of the central administration in Aarhus closer together will make collaboration across units easier, for example in relation to to implementing new business processes or IT systems. Although you might object that we are already within walking distance of each other, I believe we can create even better cooperation across the administration if the units are closer together.

I am aware that conditions in some parts of the administration are quite cramped – and that this can have a negative impact on the working environment. We need to do something about this, and it will also be a priority in the administration’s Campus 2.0 development. Any moves must also be made in connection with long-term solutions. We will strive to avoid temporary relocations.

Campus 2.0 is a great opportunity to assess whether relevant parts of the administration should be closer to the departments and centres. The administrative centres are already relatively close, but parts of the central administration, such as research support and TTO, could benefit from more direct contact. This could, for example, be in relation to the important work of creating a hub to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among undergraduates, PhD students, postdocs and employees.

We in the administration also have an important role to play in contributing to the implementation of the AU master plan. Among other things, this involves the employees in AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development, who are contributing to the planning and the financial assessments in the master plan. The work also involves the faculty operations departments, which have an important role to play in the construction and renovation projects and the actual moves.

This will be a really exciting task to tackle in the coming years, as we help to make AU even more attractive to students and researchers. I hope very much that you will approach this process with the professionalism and efficiency that I believe to be characteristic of the administration at Aarhus University.

Involvement of employees will be a key part of the Campus 2.0 process. Right now, I would very much like your input on the best way for you, as employees in the administration, to give us your ideas for creating the university of the future. If you have any specific suggestions, please enter them in the comments field.

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