The Education Committee


The Education Committee supports the work of realising Aarhus University's mission and vision as described in the university's Strategy 2025. The Education Committee works with three top educational priorities:

  • Degree programme quality
  • Academic engagement and work intensity
  • Better match

The committee’s work is cross-faculty and takes place in close collaboration with the senior management team.

The Education Committee is comprised of the pro-rector, the vice-deans for education at the five faculties and the deputy director of AU Student Administration and Services.

Duties and responsibilities

  • National and international research policy issues
  • Inter-faculty collaboration on study programmes, including allocation of funds from the university management's strategic management pool.
  • The university’s educational profile, including ensuring internationalisation initiatives
  • Quality policy in the area of education. 
  • Strategic partnerships 

Read the terms of reference for the committee

Strategic focus areas


The Education Committee works with three top educational priorities:

  • Improving the quality of our degree programmes
  • Encouraging students to put more time and energy into their studies
  • Ensuring a better match

Quality in education takes place in the encounter between the student, the teacher and the subject. With an ambition to improve the quality of our degree programmes, we focus on how teachers approach this encounter, how the quality of the encounter is measured, how the encounter can be further developed, and how management can contribute to optimising the the encounter.

We work in different ways to encourage students to put more time and energy into their studies. This requires us to focus on both on students at risk of dropping out,  as well as exceptionally talented students, and generally on ensuring a good academic environment and engaging courses for all students.

The focus on a better match is about improving the match between students and their degree programmes, ensuring that potential students make the right choice of degree programme and get off to a good start. The goal is also to ensure a better match between graduates and the labour market in order to ensure a smoother transition from student to professional life.


Meeting schedule and meeting material

Other regular participants are the deputy director and division manager from AU Student Administration and Services and a special consultant from the Rector’s Office.  

Administrative support is provided by the Rector’s Office in collaboration with AU Student Administration and Services and the faculty secretariats.

Contact: Jeppe Norskov Stokholm