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Introducing new employees

Preparation, welcoming and introduction

On this page, you will find information, inspiration and tools for the introduction process when welcoming a new colleague to your team. You can order welcome packages, register the new employee for an introduction meeting, and find a checklist, links, templates and other useful material for inspiration.

This is all to welcome the new employee to AU in a way so that he/she feels comfortable and quickly learns to navigate in the organisation.

Getting Started in Denmark orientation and registration event

Getting Started in Denmark is an event organised by AU International Centre. It offers orientation and registration for newly arrived PhD students, researchers and their accompanying partners. The event is held twice a month.

Read more about Getting Started in Denmark

Homepage - for international academic staff gives international PhD students and researchers information targeted at their specific situation. Of particular interest to newly employed staff is the information under "Pre arrival" and "On arrival" .


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