New employee at AU - getting started

Buildings, parking and access

Find your way around AU

AU is a large organisation that also physically covers a large area. It is therefore a good idea to have a map at hand if you need to find a particular building or meeting room. You can also download the “AU find" app to your smartphone.


Many parking areas at Aarhus University require a parking permit. As an employee at AU you need to register your car in order to use the AU employee parking.

Key cards

To access AU's buildings, you will need a key card together with the associated PIN code. Only a specially appointed person can order your card. Contact your immediate superior for the name of this person.

Terms of employment

Competence development   

AU wants be a workplace that gives employees the opportunity of both professional and personal development and as much autonomy as possible in the planning of their work. 

DHL Relay Race

Each year, AU teams participate in the DHL Relay Race in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.


At AU, holiday planning takes place in a dialogue between manager and employee.    

Liaison committees

There is a main liaison committee at AU and local liaison committees in the various units. The liaison committees consist of managers and employees who discuss initiatives and measures that are of significance for employees' working conditions.    


At AU, salaries are administered by HR.    

Sickness and absence

As an employee, you are entitled to absence from work in a number of situations. It may be due to sickness, but there may also be other reasons.

Training facilities for AU staff members

AU has a variety of gyms and exercise facilities for employees. In some cases, you need to be a member of the local staff association to use these facilities, and in some cases you need to join a gym.  

Working environment

AU wants an open dialogue on the daily working environment.    

Working hours   

Personal data and personal websites

Protection of personal data (GDPR)

If you handle personal data in the course of your work, it is important that you comply with the law.

E-learning course about personal data rules

All AU staff members have access to an e-learning course about the rules for personal data.

Employee master data

Your primary employee information such as your telephone number or building number are registered in the employee master data – which is called the medarbejderstamkort in Danish – and this is where any corrections/additions should be made.

Staff profile

On your staff profile, you can edit your personal information, change your password and see your holiday overview.  

Personal PURE website

All employees have a personal PURE website at Aarhus University. Here you can enter your CV and upload your profile photo.

How to keep information secure

According to the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, cyber-attacks and the associated risk of having information stolen are considered to be one of the greatest threats facing Denmark. Information security is not just a technical challenge; it is also about how you act when handling information.   

IT and systems at AU

The list is a selection of systems at AU. The index for staff service, you can find additional systems.


mitHR is the staff administrative HR system at AU. The system is used for staff administration, absence registration and staff development dialogues (SDD).


AURAP is AU's shared portal for reporting. The portal consists of a range of standard reports that make it possible to conduct financial follow-up on specific projects.


Brightspace is Aarhus University's shared platform and is used for teaching materials, activities and out-of-class communication between teaching staff and students.


AU uses the IndFak2 system to process invoices. At AU, the procedures involved in the processing of invoices, bookkeeping and payment of suppliers are carried out electronically.

IT support and ordering electronic equipment

IT support is open for personal, written and telephone enquiries if you experience problems with your equipment. In the IT webshop, you can order various IT equipment and software after agreement with your immediate supervisor.

Staff profile

On your staff profile, you can edit your personal information, change your password and see your holiday overview.  


Outlook is Aarhus University's joint email and calendar system and an important prerequisite for ensuring effective communication and closer collaboration across the faculty and university. If you need to access your AU email via a browser, you can log onto your webmail.


All employees have a personal PURE website at Aarhus University. This is where all your professional information is found – including CV and publications.


General expenses and travel expenses that need to be subsequently reimbursed by Aarhus University must generally be settled using RejsUd.


STADS is AU’s studies administration system. STADS is used to manage information about the students’ study-related activities and study programmes.

Wireless network and VPN connection

Aarhus University has three wireless networks. All of them are accessible throughout the entire university. Via a VPN connection, you can also access some of AU's services from home.


Information, help and guidelines for the holding, assessment etc. of digital exams.


Workzone is AU's official electronic case and document management system.    


News from the Senior Management Team

The newsletter from the senior management team at Aarhus University is sent out every Friday and contains information on current activities and discussions.

News from the administration

About once a month, the administration sends out a newsletter to all administrative employees. New employees in the administrative centres are automatically registered for the newsletter.

International Staff Newsletter

Information about seminars, Danish courses and new rules, procedures and guidelines from the IAS and the public authorities.

Find more newsletters

The above-mentioned newsletters constitute only a small selection of the newsletters, you can subscribe here at Aarhus University. You can find more newsletters in the overview of newsletters.

Websites and social media

Staff service 

Staff service at AU contains all the shared AU information you need as an employee at Aarhus University.

Staff portals

All units at AU - departments, faculties and administrative divisions - have a local staff portal containing unit-specific news and information.

External websites

Aarhus University's external Danish website is called and the external international website is called In addition, all departments and faculties have their own external websites, whose purpose is to present the units externally.


Omnibus is the official newspaper for staff and students at Aarhus University. Omnibus is independent and is edited independently of the particular interests of any group at Aarhus University.

AU on social media

Follow AU on AU's official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

For international staff

Getting Started in Denmark orientation and registration event

Getting Started in Denmark is an event organised by International Staff Office. It offers orientation and registration for newly arrived PhD students, researchers and their accompanying partners. The event is held twice a month.

Homepage provides information for international PhD students and researchers at AU. It is a comprehensive homepage with information targeted at your specific situation. Of particular interest to newly employed staff is the information under "Pre arrival" and "On arrival".

Employment at AU Intro Webinar

AU HR twice a year organize a webinar about employment conditions for new staff members at Aarhus University. The webinar will answer questions about the researcher's tax scheme, pension schemes, holiday rules, and more.