Guidelines for approval process for project creations

Approval process for a project creation


How a project creation is approved

There are different ways of approving a project creation.

  1. It will be sufficient, and further approval will not be required, if a contract has been drawn up and signed by the head of department/school and perhaps the grant recipient.
  2. The amount applied for corresponds to the funds granted. If the application contains the signatures, further approval is not required.
  3. If the signatures have not been obtained, a project creation form can be used or the notice of award can be signed. Alternatively, approval may be given as part of a relevant email correspondence in which it is specifically stated which project the approval concerns.

Approval responsibilities of the Head of department/school

Generally, the person who is authorised to enter into agreements concerning collaboration with external parties on behalf of AU, see the delegation provisions, is also authorised to approve a project creation.

As the person responsible for the department’s/school’s finances, the head of department/school must approve all requests for a project creation. The head of department/school is also responsible for approving the academic and research-related relevance as well as the financial conditions of the project incl. any allocation of ordinary funding/co-financing in relation to research projects. The head of department/school is responsible for the project’s compliance with the university’s rules applicable at any time as well as any applicable legislation.

Rector has given the heads of department/school authorisation to approve a project creation. The heads of department/school may not delegate this authority to others, see the delegation provisions and Aarhus University By-laws.

If the head of department/school is the recipient of external funds, the request for a project creation must be approved by the dean.

Approval responsibilities of the grant recipients

The grant recipient is responsible for the ongoing use of the grant and is responsible for compliance with the funder’s terms and conditions, including financial terms and conditions. Through approval of the project creation, the grant recipient accepts the funder’s terms and conditions as well as the obligation to comply with AU’s internal rules for allocation of external funding and the funder’s guidelines for the use of the allocated funds i.e. the funder’s overall guidelines as well as the specific terms and conditions in the specific notice of award.

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