About the instructions

...regarding external funding - Administrative procedure for administration of external funding at AU

These external funding instructions...

..describe the rules that apply at Aarhus University for the administrative and financial management of externally funded projects at the university. The overall purpose of the instructions is to create awareness about the rules that relate to the following themes.

The delegation provisions of 2010 set out the conditions that must be fulfilled to establish externally financed activities at AU and the distribution of responsibility in this regard.

Under section 20 of the Danish University Act, the university may receive subsidies and donations from sources other than the Appropriations Acts, and the university may conduct grant-financed activities – also popularly referred to at Aarhus University as external (research) funding, externally financed projects or external grants.

The receipt and use of external research funds are regulated by a number of general provisions and the applicable collective agreements and general staff rules.

To this can be added the general conditions that some grant givers attach to their grants, including the Danish National Research Foundation (DG), EU framework programmes, Innovation Fund Denmark, the research councils, and other large private foundations. Finally, individual grants often come with specific conditions in the form of a grant letter, cooperation agreement or contract.

The instructions primarily concern external research funding, but also broadly apply to other grant-financed activities as well as income-generating activities.