In some cases, AU will arrange accommodation for you. In these cases, AU will take care of booking and paying for suitable accommodation – which may be at AU's own premises or premises rented by AU (e.g. a hotel, guest house, conference centre or holiday apartment). In this situation, AU employees have no additional expenses for overnight accommodation and therefore cannot be reimbursed for overnight accommodation or paid an undocumented accommodation allowance.


If you are arranging your own accommodation, you can do so in two ways:

  •   You can pay for your accommodation and get this expense reimbursed by presenting documentation
  •   You can be paid an undocumented accommodation allowance providing you meet the conditions


Suitable accommodation means a room of hotel-like standard with a toilet and bathroom in the immediate vicinity, usually with the option of breakfast.


Documented expenses for a hotel room or other accommodation approved by AU will be reimbursed up to the maximum amount per overnight stay (hotel allowance) stated in the applicable rate adjustment circular.


Hotels in Denmark

When booking an overnight stay in Denmark, it is easy and quick to use AU's hotel agreements. The hotel agreements must not be made publicly available.


Please make sure that the hotel price is within the recommended hotel allowance, which can be found in the applicable rate adjustment circular in the menu to the right.

Hotels abroad

When you need to book one or more nights abroad, you can book directly with the hotel or through AU's official travel agency CWT.


CWT will show you all the prices and options they have in their agreements with hotels abroad – and they will charge a fee for making the booking.

See the list of CWT's handling fees (not translated) in the menu on the right. Find contact information for a CWT on the site regarding CWT.


Hotel allowances abroad depend on the country you are staying in. The maximum hotel prices can be found in the applicable rate adjustment circular in the menu to the right.


AirBnb may not be used by AU employees to book accommodation in Denmark, because the university has hotel agreements for domestic accommodation.


AirBnb may be used by AU employees to book accommodation abroad as long as the requirements for invoicing and hotel allowances are met.


Guests/non-AU employees may use Airbnb in Denmark.


If you stay somewhere for more than 28 days, the money you pay will count as rent, and you must therefore draw up a tenancy agreement.

Undocumented accommodation allowance

AU employees can choose to receive an undocumented accommodation allowance instead of a reimbursement for documented overnight accommodation expenses. This usually occurs when employees have the opportunity to stay in private accommodation, and the aim of the allowance is to enable the employee to say "thank you for your trouble".


The amount of the undocumented accommodation allowance per night is stated in the applicable rate adjustment circular, which can be found in the menu to the right.