In line with Aarhus University's climate strategy, Aarhus University aims to reduce its air travel carbon footprint by 30 per cent in 2025 compared with 2018.

To achieve this goal, as stated in Aarhus University’s travel policy, all employees at Aarhus University have an obligation to consider their own travel habits, to challenge the need for in-person meetings in existing, well-consolidated networks and to reconsider their mode of transport.

More specifically, according to the travel policy, if a trip is necessary, you must choose the most climate-friendly form of transport (e.g. rail travel rather than air travel) as far as possible.


This means that:

  • AU strongly encourages you to travel by train instead of flying if the train trip is under five hours each way and if travelling by train does not extend the duration of your trip disproportionately.
  • AU encourages you to combine several business-related activities, such as meetings and conferences, in one trip.
  • If the trip is over five hours long, you are encouraged to consider taking the train or some other alternative mode of transport for the outbound or return leg of the trip.
  • When selecting travel class, you should prioritise the most appropriate and economical option for Aarhus University in the specific situation.
  • You are welcome to make use of night trains, as these can potentially save a night in a hotel.