DHL Relay Race

DHL Relay Race - Thank you for this year!

This year, Aarhus University once again took part in the DHL Relay Race, which was held in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. Around  1,900 employees adorned their AU T-shirts to run or walk in this year’s event – 377 teams in Aarhus, 4 teams in Odense and 8 teams in Copenhagen.

Photos from the DHL Relay Race 2022

Photos: Nicolai Hildebrand, AU Photo

About the DHL Relay Race

With more than 200,000 participants in several cities in Denmark, the DHL Relay Race is the world’s biggest fitness run. Participants can either participate in a 5 x 5 km relay race or a 5 km walk, and 95% of participants are teams from companies or associations.

DHL brings us together to share something other than our daily work. It’s a fun run together with a picnic in a festive atmosphere.  

T-shirts from the past years