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Arts courses at AU Summer University 2024
Courses at Bachelor level must be offered as IV electives and you should therefor use the template in the right column. Fill out the template and upload it with your course proposal.
Courses at Master level can only be offered if the course description is in line with the academic regulations for the different elective courses. You can contact arts.uddannelseskvalitet@au.dk in order to receive templates for elective course that are already pre filled with the correct academic regulation, in order to ensure that your course is in line with the applicable academic regulation.
Offering courses at Master level also requires that the heads of the various departments/educations offering the elective courses approve that students can follow the elective courses without having specific academic prerequisites. Alternatively, they must set up the specific academic prerequisites.
This may provide a challenge, since most course at master level will be research based, building various academic prerequisites.

Master level course for SU2024 can have these possible placements: DPU – electives at various master programs. IKK: English (current topics); LICS (research workshop) and Scandinavian Languages and Literature (current research topics). IKS: Philosophy (Philosophical topics). There may be other possible placements.