Analytics Group

Who are we?

Analytics Group (AG) is a group of students, whose purpose is to widen the knowledge about different analytic programs for students and employees at Aarhus University primarily Aarhus BSS.

Our competency areas are broad and covers among other things questionnaire survey, analysis and treatment of gathered data etc.

We arrange courses in multiple analytic based softwarepacakges, such as Excel, STATA, SurveyXact, and Nvivo. At the end of the page there is a list over current and former courses.



How do we work?

Since we are student workers we don't have time to be available as much as a full time employee. Therefore our work typically has a deadline which enables us to adapt the workload according to the project size. 

Below we have listed some of the previous courses and projects we have worked on. You are welcome to contact us through the contact information on the right site of the page if you require our assistance. After you have contacted us we will find out if we have the right competencies for the task and arrange a meeting where we can match our expectations. Please keep in mind that the departments must pay AG for the work it has done which means intern posturing after the completion of a project or course. 

The Analytics Group has assisted in a variety of research projects over time, which have helped us develop a solid knowledge when it comes to quantitative research. AG offers private software assistance in statistical software, statistical and methodological expertise, and full assistance from the point when you commence your research until the final product is delivered.

The Analytics Group can assist in a number of ways when you are conducting your research. E.g.:  

  • AG can help you create your questionnaires, due to the vast amount of experience we have gathered through the latter years combined with the theoretical aspect taught at the lectures at AU, BSS.
  • AG can help you with both basic and more advanced statistical analysis, from which you can draw conclusions, when writing your journal, report, or thesis.

The product delivered by the Analytics Group has a high standard, due to the fact that we find pride in our work. This is why we will do everything in our power to accommodate your every need. Click here to read more about our references

For further information please contact us at

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