Offboarding members of staff - checklist

Here are some things to remember to do when an employee stops working in a department. It is not necessarily an exhaustive list but a guide to what you should keep in mind. Please note that IT Support does not have primary responsibility for everything mentioned here.




Automatic removal of access rights

When the local master data editor removes an employee from AU’s personal master data registry (stamkort), several of the employee’s access rights are automatically removed. This includes access to AU email, U-drive, OneDrive, RejsUD/Indfak, STADS, Workzone, AU-hosted servers, SurveyXact, WISEflow, Brightspace and MitHR.

If a member of staff moves to another department

Members of staff who move to another department at AU will still have access to:

  • Shared mailboxes
  • Shared drives
  • Teams/SharePoint groups
  • Mailing lists

To remove these access rights and, if relevant, to transfer ownership rights, the department should contact its local IT Support

Manual removal of rights

Below are some examples of rights that are not removed automatically. The department should contact the relevant people to remove these rights.

  • Procurement portals at suppliers - contact the supplier directly to get these shut down
  • Key card - contact your local Building Services to get these cards deactivated
  • Qualtrics
  • Telenor mobile subscriptions - contact the IT secretariat at AU IT to terminate these subscriptions
  • Ownership of shared mailbox, shared drive, Teams/SharePoint group or mailing list - remember to ask IT Support to transfer ownership

Before they leave the department, employees must

  • Remove Apple ID from their iPhone/iPad. If Aplle ID is not removed by the employee, the device cannot be reset and can therefore not be transferred to another member of staff. Find more information about how to hand in your AU mobile phone/tablet here.
  • If the mobile device has been used for AU related data and thereby registered in Intune Company Portal, remember to remove the device from here
  • Hand back IT equipment such as mobile phones, monitors and computers (including power cables). IT Support recommends that computers are reinstalled if they are going to be transferred to another member of staff. Please also hand back old IT equipment that is being replaced to IT Support. We have a collaboration agreement with suppliers which ensures that the equipment is cleaned and recycled responsibly. Read more about the service life and sustainability of IT equipment here.

Software licenses

If an employee has software agreements in excess of AU’s standard software agreements (e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Visio or Project), it is possible to transfer these licenses to another employee. The department should clarify this with the employee before he/she leaves. IT Support can help check the expiry date and transfer a license to a new user if provided with the case number on the original software license order.


When an employee is disabled, an automatic auto-reply is created: "This email address no longer exists...."

If you wish to set a manual auto-reply, the master data editor for the department needs to create the following relation in "stamkortet":

852 ANDET Ekstern andet (kun mail)

Before the employee has been terminated, the employee needs to set an auto-reply:

  1. Create an internal and external message
  2. Set the auto-reply to be active (unlimited, not for a limited period of time)
  3. Add [4155544f] in the buttom of the internal auto-reply (when the mailbox is deactivated, the auto-reply will not be overwritten)