Apply for a New Credit Card

Applications for new AU credit cards are handled in a fully digital process, in which the application as well as the approval takes place in an automatic and secure flow between the applicant, the approver, AU Finance, and Eurocard.

Using the link in the menu to the right, the applicant logs on with his/her usual log-on information and fills in information about the wanted card. From here, the application is sent on to the designated approver at that particular location code.

The further development of this automated flow continues and it is planned to comprise even more features in the future. Until then, visit this page for information about the  process for raising the credit limit on a card or changing the location code.

Do not hesitate to contact AU Finance with any questions or queries at

Do not apply for a new credit card, if

  • The credit card has been lost. Please contact Eurocard at +45 36737450.
  • The credit card is close to the expiry date. The bank will send you a new credit card the month prior to the expiration date.

Please contact if you have any questions.