Funding for Innovation

Here you will find an overview of great opportunities to apply for funding and other support.

If you have any questions or need guidance for applications, you are always welcome to contact our business developers.

Do you plan to apply for Innoexplorer?

In a collaborative effort, The Innovation Fund has asked selected institutions to filter and assess the incoming applications to ensure they meet the relevant application criteria. At Aarhus University, the business developers at Enterprise and Innovation have been tasked with filtering and approving potential applications.

Deadlines for round 3

  • August 30, 2024 [latest]: Registration of application with the Commercialization and IP team
  • September 5: Pitch for AU InnoExplorer panel at The Kitchen
  • September 6: You receive the panel's preliminary decision regarding whether you can apply to the Innovation Fund. Additionally, you receive feedback on your project and pitch.
  • September 5 – September 23: Application is developed based on the feedback received from the panel. Additionally, any changes to your pitch are made. You will be assigned a business developer who can provide you with ongoing feedback on your application.
  • September 23: Final decision from your business developer. If approved, you must follow the process described below under the section: If you are approved by the AU InnoExplorer Panel.
  • September 25: Deadline for uploading application via e-grant at the Innovation Fund [To be done by the applicant]