Assessment for Innoexplorer

In collaboration with selected institutions, the Innovation Fund has tasked them with

filtering and assessing the incoming applications to ensure they meet the respective application criteria.

At Aarhus University, the AU Enterprise and Innovation team has been entrusted with filtering and approving potential applications.

1.0 What is Innoexplorer?

The Innovation Fund's program, Innoexplorer, aims to strengthen entrepreneurship based on research from public educational and research institutions as well as hospitals. The program supports early-stage research projects with commercial potential. The goal is to bring these projects closer to the market and ultimately establish a company. Up to 1.5 million DKK can be applied for.

The sought funds can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Validation of research results
  • Identification of potential applications 
  • Commercial potential
  • Prototype testing
  • Establishment of teams and partnerships
  • Conducting market research

1.1 Application Criteria

40% of the funding is distributed among 3 predetermined categories:

  • "Green technology development and innovation"
  • "Life science, health, and welfare technology"
  • "Strategic and challenge-driven innovation in new technologies"

The remaining funds are allocated to projects falling outside these categories. When applying, it must be specified whether the project falls within one of the three categories. In cases where the funds within one of the three categories are depleted, the remaining unrestricted funds are allocated.

1.2 Applying to Innoexplorer

The application should focus on three main areas:

  • Quality of the idea
  • Impact
  • Execution quality

You can download a Word template for preparing your application.

Main areas of the InnoExplorer application

Quality of the idea

  • Describe the entrepreneurial idea
  • Describe the knowledge and research results on which the project is based
  • Describe the methods, approaches, and/or technologies you/they are using
  • Describe the competitive situation


  • Demonstrate the existence of potential applications and market potential, including internationally.
  • Demonstrate that a sustainable business can be established based on the proposed solution in the long term.
  • Demonstrate how the entrepreneurial idea has the potential to create value for Denmark, ultimately leading to the establishment of a new company that fosters economic growth, employment, and/or solutions to significant societal challenges.

Execution Quality

  • Describe the Innoexplorer project, including what will happen in the Innoexplorer project
  • Demonstrate that the project can be implemented in practice
  • Describe and demonstrate how you/they have the skills to carry out the project
  • Demonstrate that an Innoexplorer investment can bring the entrepreneurial idea closer to a stage where a company can be established

2.0 EI is your acess point for Innoexplorer

Before you can apply for Innoexplorer, you must have a support statement signed by the Innovation Manager at Enterprise and Innovation.

This signature can be obtained only by being approved by the AU Innoexplorer panel.

2.1 Internal evaluation process

2.1.1. Register with AU Enterprise and Innovation

2.1.2. Pitch to the Panel

  • 10-minute pitch
  • 10 minutes for questions
  • 10 minutes for feedback

2.1.3. Submit Attachments

  • Innoexplorer Application, as described here on the page [1.2]
  • Estimated budget

2.1.4. Wait for the Panel's Decision

Ready to apply for assesment and secure your support statement? Or do you have questions about the process? Then write to:

Morten Holmager

Business Developer Enterprise and Innovation - Forretningsudvikling

Deadlines for upcoming rounds

  • By August 30, 2024: Register your application with the Enterprise and Innovation team (email to
  • September 5: Pitch to the AU InnoExplorer panel at The Kitchen.
  • September 25: Deadline to upload the application via e-grant on the Innovation Fund's platform (Must be done by the applicant).

If you are approved by the AU InnoExplorer Panel

If you receive positive feedback from the university's InnoExplorer panel, you should do the following:

  1. Make the changes to your pitch as suggested by the panel.
  2. Prepare a written application that includes the feedback you received from the panel. Coordinate the application with your assigned Business Developer, who can provide feedback. We recommend using the application template found at our website, which contain additional information on the required information.
  3. Create up to 6 slides containing information about the problem the idea solves, the key research results on which the idea is based, etc. These slides should be uploaded when submitting the application to the Innovation Fund.
  4. Download the support letter template from the Innovation Fund's website.
  5. Get the support letter and budget signed by your department head.
  6. Send your application along with the signed support letter and budget via email to your assigned business developer.
  7. The business developer assigned to you will review your final application, and you will subsequently receive the signed support letter from the Head of Innovation at Enterprise and Innovation.
  8. You are now ready to apply to the Innovation Fund and can start perfecting your pitch deck to be used when pitching for the Innoexplorer panel. Use your business developer for feedback on the pitch deck.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to contact Morten Holmager (