Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) programme Innoxplorer aims to strengthen entrepreneurship based on knowledge- and research results from public research and educational institutions along with hospitals. The goal of the program is to bring early-stage projects with commercial potential closer to the market - with the aim of establishing a company at a later stage. Grants are up to DKK 1.5 million.

The grant can for example cover the following activities:

  • Validation of research results
  • Identification of potential applications and commercial potential
  • Test of prototypes
  • Establishment of team and partnerships for further business development
  • Commercialisation of the results and completion of market surveys

Innovation Fund Denmark has introduced a tematisation of the available funds. This means that roughly 40% of the funds are divided between three predetermined areas, while the rest of the funds can be given to projects that fall outside the scope of these three areas. When applying you have to desribe if the projects falls within one of the three areas. If the projects falls within the scope of the area, and the funds within the specific area has been used up, your application will automatically be treated as an application for non-theme specific funds. The three areas are: "Green research, technology development and innovation", "Life science. health and welfare technology", "Strategic and challenge-driven innovation within new technologies". You can read more about the thematisation of the funds in the Innoexplorer guidelines.

Your application should focus on the three main elements below. 1,200 characters are available for each sub-category in the application.

You can download a word template to begin your application here.

For inspiration to your pitch deck, have a look at the templates developed by our business developers.

Quality of the idea


Describe the entrepreneurial idea


Describe the research results on which the project is based


Describe the adopted methods, approach and/or technologies


Describe the competitive situation



Explain and substantiate that there are various applications and a market potential in Denmark or internationally


Explain and substantiate that you, in the long term, will be able to establish a sustainable business based on the proposed solution


Explain and substantiate how the entrepreneurial idea is likely to have the potential to create value for Denmark through a new business that will create economic growth and jobs and/or help solve significant societal challenges

Quality of execution


Describe the Innoexplorer project, including the expected activities


Explain and substantiate how the project can be realised:


Describe and substantiate that you have the skills to conduct the project:


Explain and substantiate how an Innoexplorer investment can bring the entrepreneurial idea closer to a stage that allows for the establishment of a company

IFD have asked the institutions to filter Innoexplorer applications, in order to ensure that only applications that live up to the requirements from IFD are submitted. Furthermore, IFD have asked the institutions to limit the number of applications to a reasonable number. At Aarhus University the filtering and approval of potential applications are performed by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

To apply for Innoexplorer you need to contact to team Commercialisation and IP (email: and register for application approximately 3 weeks (see exact dates below) ahead of the official IFD application submission deadline. It is to your advantage, but not a requirement, that you reach out to us even before this to align your application idea with us.

The internal approval of your application is based on a pitch (10 min. pitch + 10 min. for questions + 10 min. for feedback) you will deliver to the AU Innoexplorer panel as well as your actual application text and budget. You do not need to send us anything in advance of your pitch, but you need to register prior to the date specified below.

A few days after your pitch, you will receive a tentative decision from the AU Innoexplorer panel. If you receive a positive decision you will be assigned a business developer who will help you fine-tune your slide deck and application. If these are granted a final approval you will be equipped with the necessary signature on your Declaration of Support from the authorized signatory at the AU TTO. Note that you first need to retrieve a signature from your Head of Department on both the Declaration of Support and your budget.

In case your internal pitch takes place online, we urge you to follow this guide. You can find application deadlines for the next round below.

  • 28th of August: Registration for application to team Commercialisation and IP (E-mail to

  • 4th of September: Pitch for AU Innoexplorer Panel

  • 6th of September: Tentative decision regarding eligibility for submission of application to Innovation Fund Denmark. You will also receive feedback on your project and pitch.

  • 6th – 22nd of September: Application is created - incorporating the feedback received by the panel. In addition, any neccesary changes to your pitch are made. You are assigned a business developer, who can support you in the drafting process.

  • 22nd of September: Final decision by assigned business developer. If you get accepted, please read the tab below: If you get accepted by the AU Innoexplorer Panel.

  • 27th of September: Deadline for upload to e-grant (performed by the applicant)

If you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to our business developer Morten Holmager at

Further information on the Innoexplorer grant can also be found on the website of Innovation Fund Denmark

Deadlines for next round

  • TBA

If you get accepted by the AU Innoexplorer Panel

If you receive positive feedback by the AU Innoexplorer Panel, you need to do the following.

  • Incorporate the changes, suggested by the AU Innoexplorer Panel, into your presentation
  • Create a written application - incorporating the feedback received by the panel
  • Create a maximum of 6 slides with information on the problem to be solved by the project’s idea, key research results on which the idea is based, etc. These needs to be uploaded when applying at Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Download the Declaration of Support template from Innovation Fund Denmark
  • Get a signature on the Declaration of Support and budget from your Head of Department
  • Email application along with a signed Declaration of Support and budget to Rasmus Viggers (
  • Your assigned business developer will review your final application, and you will then receive the Declaration of Support signed by the authorized signatory at Entreprise and Innovation.
  • You are now ready to apply at Innovation Fund Denmark

For any questions regarding the application process please contact Rasmus Viggers (