Once a decision has been made

Here you can read more about the disciplinary measures that can be imposed in cases of exam cheating.

Disciplinary measures

Students who cheat or help others to cheat in exams are penalised in accordance with the rules regarding disciplinary measures for students at Aarhus University. Disciplinary measures are imposed based on an overall assessment of the gravity of the offence in the specific case and can range from a warning to expulsion from the university.

  • Warning

A warning is the least severe disciplinary measure. If the student receives a warning, his/her exam paper will be resubmitted for assessment. If the student has taken a re-examination in the meantime, he/she may keep the highest grade.

  • Annulment of exam (counts as an examination attempt)

If the student’s exam is annulled, this counts as an examination attempt without assessment. If the student has already received a grade, this grade will be discarded. The student may register for the re-examination.

  • Expulsion for the next semester/more semesters

Students who are expelled from the university for a given period will not have access to teaching or exam activities from the date of the decision to the end of the expulsion period. After this, the student is entitled to resume his/her academic activities and will be automatically re-registered as an active student.

  • Permanent expulsion

Permanent expulsion is the most severe disciplinary measure. If a student is permanently expelled from the university, he/she will not be able to participate in any form of teaching, exams or other university activities in the future. The permanent expulsion begins when the student is informed about the decision, and it applies to all the university’s degree programmes – not only the programme on which the student was found cheating.

Business administration (HD) students and students on an admission course for an engineering degree programme

Business administration (HD) students or students on an admission course for an engineering degree programme will be penalised according to the rules in the Examination Order on Examinations on Professionally Oriented Higher Education Degree Programmes (see the page Rules and Regulations in the Field of Education) (in Danish only.)

More information about written group assignments

  • If a group assignment needs to form the basis of individual assessment, it must be clearly indicated which student has written which parts. If exam cheating has only occurred in one of the students’ sections, the other students in the group will have their parts of the exam paper returned for assessment.
  • If a written exam paper is the joint product of more than one student and identification of individual contribution is not a requirement, the group is jointly responsible for ensuring they comply with the rules on exam cheating. This means that all the members of the group will be reported if exam cheating is suspected. If cheating is demonstrated in a non-individualised exam paper written by a group of students, the exam paper in its totality will be excluded from assessment for all the members of the group.