Recruitment policy for academic staff at the Faculty of Arts


Enthusiastic and committed staff and students play a crucial role in the future development of the faculty.
The faculty’s academic staff are talented and enthusiastic, and we want to maintain and develop this situation in the future. The faculty also wants to recruit the best academic staff with high qualifications and broad experience in their own field.
To support these goals, the faculty invests constant efforts in maintaining a sound foundation of talented young researchers, as well as seeking to achieve the greatest possible level of diversity among its academic staff. As a result, all advertisements for academic positions are expressed in broad terms and published both in Denmark and abroad.
This policy is based on the ministerial order on the appointment of academic staff at universities (13 March 2012) and AU’s general staff policy. It also complies with AU´s seven norms for appointment of staff to permanent positions, as adopted by the senior management team in January 2018.


The faculty wants to:

  1. Recruit talented and enthusiastic staff with good teamworking skills
  2. Create diversity among its staff and promote equality
  3. Support good career paths    


  1. The faculty will achieve these objectives by:
  2. Using systematic recruitment plans
  3. Pursuing a continuous policy to develop and attract talent
  4. Advertising all permanent academic positions broadly, both in Denmark and abroad
  5. Using search committees to strengthen its recruitment base by attracting a greater number of qualified applicants
  6. Re-advertising positions for which the number of applications received is insufficient
  7. Using shortlisting with a view to ensuring the in-depth assessment of the best qualified applicants
  8. Using highly qualified assessment committees with a majority of members from outside AU, and always including one member with an international background and members of both genders
  9. Providing strong administrative support for the process of assessment and application, including rapid decision-making processes when appointments are made.