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The Dean's Office

Dean Johnny Laursen is head of the main academic area Faculty of Arts. He has academic and financial responsibility for the academic area.

The vice-deans handle a number of the day-to-day tasks of the Dean, and are members of the Dean's Office. The number of vice-deans reflects the need for strengthened strategic input at the university and is intended to ensure that interdisciplinary functions are securely based in the Faculty's academic environments.

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The Faculty of Arts has three schools:

The Administration

The secretariats are in charge of the day-to-day administration of schools and centres at Faculty of Arts.

The Administration Centre Arts (ACA) is responsible for the everyday administrative functions, including the day-to-day administration of schools and centres. All staff members of the Administration Centre are responsible to the university director through the administration centre manager and the relevant division manager for the area in question (i.e. Finance, Education, Talent and Internationalisation, HR, Building Services, IT or Communication).

The Administration Centre Arts is divided geographically, being partly at Aarhus Campus and partly at Campus Emdrup in Copenhagen.

The administration centre manager is Ole Jensen. He is responsible for coordinating the administrative services in the administration centre. The campus coordinator of Emdrup Campus is Carsten Henriksen.

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