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2020.07.03 |

Summer message from Johnny Laursen

The dean hopes that all students and staff have a great summer holiday.

2020.06.30 |

The faculty’s strategy and the schools’ strategies are now approved

The faculty management team at Arts has just adopted a new strategy for the Faculty of Arts, and the School of Communication and Culture, the School of Culture and Society, and the Danish School of Education have adopted new strategies for the period 2020-2025.

2020.06.04 |

Practical organisation of teaching in Autumn 2020

The Faculty of Arts is now working on the specific and practical organisation of the teaching in the autumn of 2020.

Events at Arts

Thu 13 Aug
12:00-15:00 | Online
Workshop: Blended learning
På workshoppen vil der med et teoretisk afsæt introduceres til blended learning og brug af teknologi i forbindelse med undervisningen E2020. Endvidere vil deltagerne arbejde praksisnært med udvikling af deres undervisning, hvor der kommer større fokus på både fysiske, online, asynkrone og synkrone aktiviteter. Deltagerne kommer til at planlægge et konkret undervisningsforløb og får inspirationsmateriale med fra workshoppen. Husk tilmeldingsfrist 12/8, kl. 9:00.
Fri 14 Aug
00:00-00:00 | ONLINE course in Blackboard
Introduction to Teaching and Learning (InTEL)
is a new module in university teaching which lays the foundation for educators at all levels, in all disciplines and with different styles of teaching. The module gives a broad introduction to teaching and learning, including key concepts and methods, which help educators to improve the quality of their teaching. Those key concepts and methods includes aspects such as alignment, active learning, learning outcomes, educational IT, examination and evaluation. Additionally, the module delves into topics on lectures, classroom teaching, laboratory teaching and clinical training with tips and tricks on how to improve your teaching. Registration Deadline: August 10, 2020.