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2019.06.24 | Aarhus BSS

Time for holiday reading?

The summer holidays are approaching and hopefully so are long days in the sun with a good book. You might feel like reading different kinds of academic texts than you are used to. For your inspiration, here is a list of novels that tackle academia from a different - and entertaining - angle.

Everyday, Brandi S. Morris draws on the experiences she gained as a PhD student. Foto:AU Foto

2019.06.24 | Aarhus BSS

From PhD to a career in business

Today, more and more PhD students continue their career in business and industry. PhD students have a lot to offer both public and private companies, and it is a good idea to start planning your career during your PhD studies, according to former PhD student Brandi S. Morris and career counsellor Vibeke Broe.

2019.06.04 | Aarhus BSS

Internal phishing campaign to minimise the risk of fraud against AU staff

Phishing email messages are an ever-increasing problem, and they can be very convincing. AU’s information security team has decided to make an extra effort to generate awareness of phishing mails and help employees learn how to detect them.

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2019.05.28 | Aarhus BSS

New checklist: How to avoid becoming a threat to information security

A new checklist makes it easier for all employees at the university to see what each of us must do in order to protect our data. Many security breaches occur due to errors and lack of knowledge among employees.

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2019.05.13 | Aarhus BSS

Associate Dean Niels Mejlgaard: We need to target our efforts

Since 1 September 2018, Niels Mejlgaard from the Department of Political Science has been the school’s Associate Dean for EU Financing. International competition for EU funding is fierce, and we need to avoid half-hearted applications written out of a sense of obligation, he says. This calls for targeted efforts and fair working conditions for…

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Fri 16 Aug
14:00-02:00 | The University Park
Aarhus BSS Summer Festival
Once again, the stage is set for a cosy and informal party with live music, drinks and street food in the University Park. This year’s live music is provided by Peter Sommer, Nicklas Sahl, Sanne Salomonsen and Scarlet Pleasure.
308327 / i40