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2021.01.15 | Aarhus BSS

New backgrounds for online meetings and an updated email signature

Some staff members have requested professional backgrounds to use on Zoom or Teams during the many meetings that faculty staff members are currently participating in. For this reason, it is now possible to download a variety of official Aarhus BSS backgrounds for your online meetings. At the same time, we have updated the faculty email signature…

2020.09.16 | Aarhus BSS

New passage between the University Park and the University City

The process of opening up a new underground passage at the northern end of the University Park is now beginning. The passage will literally connect the yellow and red buildings.

2020.09.01 | News from management

5-year AACSB accreditation in place

Aarhus BSS has now been awarded the 5-year AACSB accreditation after one year’s extension of the accreditation process. During this year, the school has strengthened the systematic process for following up on the degree programme learning goals.

2020.08.24 | Aarhus BSS

Back to the classroom

The physical teaching is now reopening and many lecturers will be returning - or have already returned - to the classroom. Here you’ll get an overview of some of the practical issues you need to be aware of in your face-to-face teaching.

Photo: Colourbox

2020.08.24 | Aarhus BSS

Back to campus - how have the students been prepared?

Aarhus BSS is now reopening the physical teaching on campus. Here you’ll get an overview of how the students have been prepared for the reopening, which services they are offered, and where they can find more information.

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