Coffee, cake and annual general meeting

The Staff Association is pleased to invite all members, i.e. all staff at Aarhus BSS, to the annual general meeting 2019.

Info about event


Wednesday 6 March 2019,  at 16:00 - 18:00


Room 340, bldg. 1443, Tåsingegade 3

Photo: Colourbox


When we have chewed our way through the agenda below, we will get to try out a selection of cakes. The event is free of charge, but for cake-related reasons, registration is required.


1.    Election of bandleader
2.    The boards' report
3.    Approval of the financial statements
4.    Debate about the tasks of the association, and proposals submitted by members
5.    Election of board of at least five members
6.    Election of two auditors
7.    Optionally

Questions and enquiries before the general meeting may be directed to chairman of the board Trine Susanne Johansen (tsj@cc.au.dk).