Persian tapas/mazzeh course

Learn how to prepare delicious Persian tapas/mazzeh with your colleagues.

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Thursday 9 May 2019,  at 16:50 - 21:00
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Teaching the course will be Mehran Zandian who has written the cookbook “Mine persiske livretter”. On this evening, he will share his knowledge and passion for the Persian kitchen based on his own favourite dishes.

The plan for the evening is:

  • We’ll make a marinade with saffron and lime for tiger prawns on skewers. A classic marinade which is used for various barbecue dishes.
  • You’ll learn to make maste boorani. Yoghurt with spinach, walnuts and cinnamon. A simple yet different combination of ingredients that often surprises!
  • Fresh fava beans are in season, and therefore, we’ll plunge into preparing baghali gatogh, fava beans in a dill sauce and eggs.
  • We’ll make salad shirazi. A lovely, fresh salad that pairs well with both the small and large dishes.
  • We’ll take a trip to the green mountains by the Caspian Sea and prepare one of their most popular mazzeh, zeytoon parvardeh. A mazzeh that represents some of the most characteristic things in the Persian kitchen with its fresh herbs and the tangy pomegranate molasses.
  • We’ll taste the popular Persian pickles like crunchy, salty, small cucumbers and pickled wild shallots.
  • And last but not least, we’ll bake the delicious sesame bread, noon barbari.

At the course, you’ll be able to buy a signed cookbook at a special price.

Price: DKK 100 for members and DKK 200 for non-members

Deadline for registration: Friday 3 May