Contact persons regarding data protection

Data protection coordinators at the faculties

AU has a GDPR coordinator at each faculty who can help you with specific questions about your research project.

Natural Sciences

Charlotte Sand

Advisor Dean's Office, Natural Sciences - Secretariat

Technical Sciences

Else Thordahl Meyer

Senior Consultant Dean's Office, Technical Sciences - Secretariat

Aarhus BSS

Anja Sandholt Hald

Legal Advisor Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Dean's Office


Louise Buchhave

Legal Special Consultant Dekanatet, Arts - Dean's Staff


Christine Brink Schmidt

Legal Special Consultant Health Administrative Centre - The Faculty Secretariat, Faculty of Health

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The TTO is AU's contract unit. They can help you prepare the relevant agreements, including data processing agreements, disclosure agreements, transfers, and agreements regarding shared data responsibility. Furthermore, they can help you assess the role of AU as data protector in your research project, the valid legal basis, etc.

Remember to always contact TTO if you need to share personal data with external parties (i.e. natural or legal persons who are not part of AU).

Please contact the TTO at

The Data Protection Unit

AU has a Data Protection Unit that can help you with any questions you may have regarding the AU record, enquiries from data subjects, personal data security breaches, data protection regulations, and requests for permission under section 10 of the Data Protection Act. The unit can also help you contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

The record

If you have any questions regarding the record, please contact the Data Protection Unit at:


Tel.: +45 8715 3205

Personal data security breaches

If you have any questions regarding personal data security breaches, please contact the Data Protection Unit at:


Tel.: +45 8715 3205

Other enquiries

If you have any other questions, please contact the Data Protection Unit at:


Tel.: +45 8715 3205

Data protection officer (DPO)

AU’s data protection officer, DPO, can help you assess whether an impact assessment is necessary based on your risk assessment. The DPO can also help guide you through the impact assessment, which must be carried out by you as a researcher. Find more information about the DPO.

Søren Broberg Nielsen

Data Protection Officer AU Research Support - Technology Transfer Office

Questions about GDPR in regards to the study area


Mette Sophia Bøcher Rasmussen

Studies Coordinator Arts Administrative Centre - Course and Exam Administration, Aarhus


Lene Marie Ehrhorn

Educational Advisor Health Administrative Centre - Studies Support and Student Guidance

Aarhus BSS

Klaus Mors Kristensen

Data Analysist Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Educational Quality Assurance and Administrative Systems


Andrea Brønniche

Training Coordinator

Do you have questions to GDPR in regards to third party learning technologies? 

Arts HR

Louise Søndergaard

HR Consultant Arts Administrative Centre - Arts HR

Health HR

Louise Jensen

Louise Jensen

Leading HR Partner Health Administrative Centre - Health HR

HR Employment law

Jenny Oostwouder

Personnel Legal Consultant AU HR - Employment Law

Aarhus BSS HR

Nat-Tech HR

Pia Thystrup

HR-Partner Nat-Tech Administrative Centre - Nat-Tech HR

HR Development and work environment

Karin Rosengaard

Working Environment Consultant AU HR - Udvikling & Arbejdsmiljø, Roskilde

HR Employment law

Questions to GDPR in regards to finance

Arts/Aarhus BSS Finance

Jesper Fristrup Skovmøller

Team Manager Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - BSS Finance, Aarhus

Nat-Tech Finance

NB! Lene Søgaard Graversen is taking af leave of absence, please contact Karin Lykke instead

Health Finance

Karsten Vraa Nielsen

Chief/Special Consultant Health Administrative Centre - Health Finance

Finance secretariat, Central adm.

Anette Svejstrup

Head of Secretariat AU Finance - Financial Control


Question to GDPR in regards to AU's buildings

Questions regarding the use of photos/video with people or processing person data online

Contact for Press regarding GDPR and AU

Send an email to: