Questions to GDPR in regards to research


Jakob Hjort

Data Manager Department of Clinical Medicine


Currently, Arts has no Data Protection Champion.  

Aarhus BSS

Anja Sandholt Hald

Legal Advisor Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Dean's Office


Currently, Nat-Tech has no Data Protection Champion.  

Questions to data processing agreement, consent, legal authority etc.

Contact information

Hotline telephone number: 871 50330    
Hotline opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-12.

What can you expect? 

  • You can get answers to short and specific questions about protection of personal data. 
  • You cannot get answers to questions about IT security. 
  • You cannot get data processing agreements and consent forms approved over the phone. 
  • If you already have an ongoing case, you cannot get answers to specific questions regarding the case. 

For students

If you collect personal data to be used in an assignment/your Master’s thesis, you can find help and information about GDPR here.   

Question to notification of a research project

Questions about GDPR in regards to the study area


Mette Sophia Bøcher Rasmussen

Studies Coordinator Arts Administrative Centre - Course and Exam Administration, Aarhus


Karoline Engsig-Karup

Head of section HE Administrative Centre - Course and Exam Administration, HE

Aarhus BSS

Klaus Mors Kristensen

Study Supporter Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Study quality, Digitisation and Study Planning


Mette Kofod Erichsen

Special Consultant Nat-Tech Administrative Centre - Board of Studies Support and Studies Quality Assurance, Nat-Tech

Do you have questions to GDPR in regards to third party learning technologies? 

Arts HR

Louise Søndergaard

HR Consultant Arts Administrative Centre - Arts HR

Health HR

Lonni Hou

HR-Partner HE Administrative Centre - Health HR

HR Pay roll

Lene Fransen

Payroll Staff Member AU HR - Payroll

HR Employment law

Phone number Name, Job title, Email, Unit (Building, room)

Jenny Oostwouder

Personnel Legal Consultant AU HR - Employment Law

Aarhus BSS HR

Lisa Kolding

HR Consultant Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Aarhus BSS HR and PhD Administration

Nat-Tech HR

Pia Thystrup

HR-Partner Nat-Tech Administrative Centre - Nat-Tech HR

HR Development and work environment

Karin Rosengaard

Development Consultant AU HR - Udvikling & Arbejdsmiljø, Roskilde

HR Employment law

Lone Degn

Personnel Legal Consultant AU HR - Employment Law

Question about GDPR in regards to HR