Declaration of consent

Here you can find information about declaration of consents. 

Requirements for declaration of consent

  • Consent must answer the following questions: Who has given their consent? When and how has the consent been given? What has the person given consent to?    
  • Consent must be voluntary, specific, informed and unambiguous.
  • Please use wording that is fluent text, in a neutral style, so that the declaration of consent is easy to read and matched to the person who is to sign it (the data subject).
  • For online versions, it is OK to have a field where you can click “accept”.

AU recommend that you use one of AU's templates for declaration of consent. Find the templates below. 


The Danish Data Protection Agency demands that you can document that you have collected a declaration of consent. You are responsible for storing the declaration of consent. E.g. You can use WorkZone. 

Age limit for consent

There is no fixed age limit for when a person is considered mature enough to give a valid consent, and it therefore depends on each individual. In general, the Danish Data Protection Agency considers a young person aged 15 or above to be able to consent to the processing of data relating to this person.

On directly offering information society services to children, e.g. social media, the holder of parental authority must grant or approve consent if the child is under the age of 13.    

Rules for the withdrawal of consent

Consent may be withdrawn at any time. If consent is withdrawn, the processing of data concerning the data subject must cease if the data cannot be processed on another basis. The withdrawal of consent does not have retroactive effect, and therefore, it does not affect the data processing which has taken place prior to the withdrawal of consent.

Templates for declarations of consent for the use of images and video