Here you can find information about how information security is organised at Aarhus University.  


The responsibility for information security ies with the senior management team.


Daily management of the information security is the responsibility of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and established a Central Information Security Committee (CISU) to be responsible for the overall prioritization and monitoring of the tasks involved. CISU is also responsible for the information security policy.


Besides the central committee, each faculty has its own local information security committee (FISU/EISU) tasked with prioritising and making operational the tasks set out in the university's annual information security planning cycle, as well as with handling local information security issues.

In the technical field, AU IT has an information security expert group to deal with technical issues that arise internally in AU IT, and to look at issues raised by CISU or FISU/EISU. The expert group submits solution proposals to the management team at AU IT, or directly to CISU/FISU/EISU.