Do you have a Windows computer? Soon you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 11 or get a new one

The Windows 10 operating system will be phased out, Microsoft has announced. This means that about 8,000 staff computers at AU will need to upgrade to Windows 11. Another 3,700 computers are too old to run Windows 11 and will have to be replaced.

Your computer might not be quite as old as this one but maybe it needs to be replaced anyway if it cannot be upgraded to Windows 11. Photo: Colourbox

Worn-out and obsolete: this is the verdict Microsoft has passed on its own operating system, Windows 10. It will be replaced by Windows 11, which according to Microsoft is easier to use, more secure and performs faster.

Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows 10 in October 2025. AU’s IT support teams are already taking the first steps to pave the way for the transition to Windows 11.  The process is beginning now because it’s a big job: about 8,000 staff computers at AU will need to upgrade to Windows 11.

The decision about when to contact staff about upgrading to Windows 11 or replacing obsolete computers is up to the IT support teams at the faculties. But you don’t have to wait: Windows 11 has been launched, and you can upgrade your operating system now. You can do this on Microsoft’s website, where you’ll also find a short guide to upgrading your operating system.

Of course, you can also just wait until you hear from your local IT support team, who will tell you what you need to do.

If you do decide to upgrade to Windows 11 before then, you can use your computer while it’s being installed. You may have to restart at some point during the process, however.

Old computers must be replaced

If you try to upgrade to Windows 11 and nothing happens, then your computer is probably one of the 3,700 older AU devices that need to be replaced.

If you need to replace your computer, you will receive a mail explaining what you need to do. Your manager will also be told which computers need to be replaced in their unit, so talk to your manager about when you should replace your computer.

Video guides to Windows 11

If you’d like to learn more about Windows 11, check out Microsoft’s website, where you’ll find an overview of new features and changes as well as videos that show how the new operating system works.

Contact your local IT support team if you have questions about how the upgrade will affect you and your computer.