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A new HR system is on its way for all of AU

A new HR system will replace AUHRA and provide easy access to employee information. The system is part of AU’s digitisation strategy and will be implemented gradually from now until the end of 2023.

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The current HR system AUHRA is going on retirement. This is the main reason that AU is getting a new joint HR system – mitHR – at the end of 2022, which will offer new opportunities to bring together and digitise processes and workflows that are currently maintained in several different places. 

The new system will help AU’s managers with staff management tasks that involve employee information - including SDDs, salary negotiations, holiday, absence and much more. Employees will also have access to an overview of their own data as well as their registered holiday and absence. Last but not least, mitHR will digitise manual workflows and thereby increase the efficiency and quality of work in the HR units.

Much-needed digital HR upgrade

The goal of mitHR is that managers and employees will receive smarter and easier system support with HR activities, says deputy director for HR, Anne Lindholm Behnk.

“In popular terms, the current AUHRA system is for the minority, while mitHR will be for the majority. You have to be careful not to raise expectations before a system has been put into use. However, experience from other universities shows that employees and leaders at AU can look forward to an HR system with functionality and user-friendliness that will make everyday life easier in relation to HR-related tasks and access to data,” she says and points out that a similar system is currently being used by several international and Danish universities, including UCPH, SDU and DTU.  

Investing in a new HR system is an important part of AU’s digitisation strategy. mitHR is a so-called standard cloud solution that will replace both AUHRA and the time registration system ProMark.

You will get mitHR at the end of 2022

In 2022, the primary focus will be on the technical implementation of mitHR, which involves installing and testing the system, ensuring that it can communicate correctly with the rest of AU’s digital infrastructure, and, not least, preparing the first modules to launch mitHR before Christmas.  More functionalities will be added to the system throughout 2023, and mitHR is expected to be fully rolled out by the end of the year.

“Most colleagues at the university will not really notice the implementation of mitHR before the system starts being used at the end of 2022. But, for the time being, most of our development resources in AU HR’s data and digitisation unit are allocated to this large project. This means that we are operating with a minimum of support and development on other HR systems. And, even though we strive to maintain a high and stable level of service, we might be a bit more challenged every now and then,” says Anne Lindholm Behnk.

The entire HR function at AU is collaborating on the mitHR project, which also involves colleagues from both AU IT and AU Finance. In addition, an HR employee from each faculty has had their workload reduced so that they can work on the project until the end of 2023. From the outset, it has been vital that all relevant stakeholders and users are involved in developing and implementing mitHR so that, when it comes to be used by managers and employees at Aarhus University, it is already firmly rooted in the organisation.

FACTS: Project plan from now until the end of 2023

  • January - October 2022: Technical implementation of mitHR
  • November/December 2022: AUHRA will be closed and the basic version of mitHR will be put into use, including holiday registration for all employees. 
  • 2023: mitHR will be fine-tuned and more modules and functionalities will be built into the system.
  • End of 2023: mitHR will be fully operational.

Further questions:

  • If you want to read more about mitHR, you can find the project site here
  • If you want to learn more about mitHR and the implementation process, you can contact Project Manager Helle Stolzenbach Steffensen, hss@au.dk