Impressive increase in applications to Aarhus University

Over 10,000 applicants have put a degree programme at AU as their first choice. This is up nine per cent on 2022.

Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

Nine per cent more young people than last year have put a degree programme at Aarhus University at the top of their preference list. This is the status following the application deadline on 5 July.

In total, 10,582 applicants have put an AU degree programme as their number one choice. Most of these have applied for business and social science degree programmes at Aarhus BSS, and it’s also this faculty that has seen the biggest increase in applications on last year.

Aarhus BSS has received 15 per cent more first-choice applications, while Health and Technical Sciences have received 11 and 8 percent more respectively. At the Faculty of Arts, it’s status quo, while first-choice applications to Natural Sciences have fallen by one percent on last year.

Warning light is on for language subjects

“We are delighted that so many applicants wish to be a part of Aarhus University. We are proud of the degree programmes and the academic environment we offer, and it’s positive for society that so many young people view education as a good springboard into their future lives”, says Pro-rector Berit Eika.

However, she also encourages politicians and the education sector in general to renew their focus on language subjects, where the trend is continuing to go in the wrong direction. These subjects have received 13 per cent fewer first-choice applications than last year:

“If we compare this to 2019 levels, applications to language programmes have almost halved. For several years, we have been saying that the warning light is on, but it’s not enough just to say this any more. We need to do something about it if we want to ensure we have enough qualified people to teach in upper-secondary schools or to work in the export sector – but also in the interpreting sector, which we can see is an issue as we prepare to take on the EU presidency. We need to work together to reverse this trend”.

All applicants will find out whether they have got a place immediately after 00:00 on 28 July.


Facts about 2023 application figures to Bachelor’s degree programmes:

  • Number of first-choice applications (all of AU): 10,582 (9% more than in 2022)
  • Number of applications in total (all of AU): 28,175 (6% more than in 2022)


  • Arts: 2,356 first-choice applications (the same as in 2022)
  • Aarhus BSS: 4,197 first-choice applications (15% more than in 2022. Applications to psychology and business administration account for most of this increase)
  • Health: 1,982 first-choice applications (11% more than in 2022. Applications to odontology account for some of this increase)
  • Natural Sciences: 843 first-choice applications (1% fewer than in 2022)
  • Technical Sciences: 1,204 first-choice applications (8% more than in 2022. Applications to software technology and mechanical engineering account for some of this increase)

Please note: The figures may differ slightly from the final application figures, which are expected to be released on 8 July.