Are you having trouble signing on to AU’s network? Find out how to regain access below

A lot of AU staff have been having network connection issues since yesterday. There’s now a step-by-step guide to fixing the problem that will restore stable network access.

On Wednesday, quite a few AU staff found themselves unable to sign in to the network. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of AU IT and external consultants, it’s not possible for AU IT to fix the problem remotely. Each user who is having network connection issues needs to make some changes in their setting to get back on the network. Once these changes are made, the problem should be resolved once and for all.

The network connection issues affect users with laptops with Windows 10 and 11 installed. The majority of the staff affected are at Arts, Aarhus BSS and in the central administration; relatively few staff at Health, Nat and Tech are having this problem.

We’d like to stress that the problem is a technical error and does not constitute a security risk.

If you’re having trouble connecting to AU’s network and you have a laptop, you can follow the instructions in the guide below to fix the problem. AU IT is still working on a fix for desktop computers.

Following the steps below will fix the problem regardless of which wireless network you use, and the problem won’t happen again, even if you sign on to a different network.

The guide is also available at, where you’ll also find updates on the situation. You can download a version with screenshots as well. (Unfortunately we do not have screenshots in English yet.)

How to restore your network connection

  1. If you’re using a network cable, remove it: this fix only works for wireless networks.
  2. Click Settings – Network and internet – Wi-fi – Manage known networks.
  3. Click Eduroam (or a different network you normally use) and select Forget
  4. Click Back on the icon in the upper left corner of your screen
  5. Select Show available networks - Eduroam (or a different network you normally use)
  6. Sign in with your AU ID mail ( and the password you use to unlock your computer
  7. Start File Explorer
  8. Click Network
  9. Click Ok on the network sharing window
  10. Click the yellow bar at the top of the screen
  11. Click Turn on network discovery and file sharing
  12. Click No, turn the network I’m connected to into a private network
  13. Wait a few seconds. You’ll see your Dxxx number in File Explorer - and you’re back on the network.
  14. Disconnect from Eduroam (or a different network you normally use)
  15. Re-activate the connection to Eduroam

Contact your local IT support team if you have questions or need more help.