The 2023 salary negotiations process will begin soon

In the period 1 - 23 February, employees at Aarhus University can fill out a form to apply for a salary increase in the 2023 salary negotiations.

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Salary negotiations at AU are around the corner. Find information below about the process and what you have to do to apply for a salary increase.

  • Complete the form
    If you want to be considered for a salary increase, you need to fill out an online form. On the form, you describe the performance and competencies you believe should be taken into account in the salary negotiations. The form will be available on 1 February, and the deadline for completing it is 23 February.
  • Who will be negotiating my salary?
    If you apply for a salary increase, the negotiation will take place between your union representative and your manager. However, some employees have the option of negotiating directly with their manager - more information is provided on the form.
  • It is important to be well-prepared
    Before you fill out the form, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the salary agreement catalogues, salary agreements and any local criteria that you have to meet. Read more about this on your local salary negotiation page. You can also ask your union representative for more information.
  • Disbursement of pay increases
    You will be informed about the result of the salary negotiations after your manager and all of the union representatives for the employees in your unit have concluded negotiations for everyone. Salary increases will be paid out soon after.
  • Overall schedule for the 2023 salary negotiations at AU (in Danish)

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