Stand for election – make a difference

Do you want to play a part in steering Aarhus University in the right direction? Stand for election to AU’s boards, councils and committees and make your voice count. You can register your candidacy between 6 and 12 October.

In November, it will be time for staff to elect their representatives to AU’s democratic decision-making bodies. Could you be one of them?

If you’re a member of academic staff, you can stand for election to the AU Board, the academic council, the board of studies, and the PhD committee. If you’re a member of technical/administrative staff, you can stand for election to the AU Board, and, if you’re employed at a faculty, you can also put yourself forward for an observer position on the academic council.

As a member of these bodies, you will help ensure that your colleagues’ voices are heard when important decisions are made at AU. You will also advise the management, start conversations about important issues, and learn even more about how the university works.  

Staff representatives are only elected to the AU Board and academic councils every four years, so, if you want to register as a candidate, now is your chance! See an overview of who can vote for what office and when.

How to stand for election:

If you want to get involved, you can register as a candidate online between 09:00 on Friday 6 October and 12:00 on Thursday 12 October.

Read more about registration and AU’s democratic decision-making bodies at

Elections at AU
Each year in November there are elections at Aarhus University. This is when members are elected to various councils, boards and committees as well as the AU Board. Who can vote and for what offices varies over a four-year period.

This year, both staff and students can vote in the election. The polls will be open from 13 to 16 November. Find out more at