WISEflow to be rolled out across AU in 2023

Aarhus University’s new system for conducting digital exams is called WISEflow – this is the result of a tendering procedure that has just been completed. WISEflow is already being used at Aarhus BSS and will be rolled out to the rest of the university in autumn 2023.

Photo: Foto: Lars Kruse

Aarhus University’s two existing systems for digital exams – WISEflow and Digital Exam – have been subject to a statutory tendering procedure. The objective of this procedure was to find one common system to provide the best possible digital support for AU’s exams. This process is now complete and, from autumn 2023, WISEflow will be used at all five faculties. WISEflow is already being used at Aarhus BSS and fulfils most of AU’s requirements for a common exam system.

Vice-dean at Technical Sciences, Finn Borchsenius, is chair of the steering committee and was responsible for the tender process, which also involved AU Student Administration and Services, AU IT and the administrative centres at the faculties. He is pleased that they now know which system will be used across the university:

“We had a good tender process, in which many qualified suppliers submitted offers. But it was WISEflow that best matched our requirements on price, quality and functionality overall. Among our most important criteria were that the system could support as many of AU’s different exam methods as possible and that it was geared towards preventing exam cheating,” he says.

Working towards a common system

The choice to use WISEflow means that four faculties will now have to change from one system to another. Getting to know a new system will require an initial effort, but there are many benefits to having one shared system, explains Deputy Director for AU Student Administration and Services Anna Bak Maigaard:

“Each degree programme is unique and has its own academic focus and examination methods. There will – and should – always be room for this. But, at the same time, it makes good sense to have a common approach and a common system to support our exams. It helps to simplify and strengthen the administrative processes across AU, and creates more cohesion in the digital landscape.”

She also emphasises that there will of course be several financial advantages to having one shared system. For example, one license is cheaper than two, and it is less expensive to maintain only one system.

In the near future, a plan will be made for the transition to WISEflow, so that teaching staff, studies administration staff and students can get to know the new system before it is used in autumn 2023. The project’s steering committee is responsible for implementing the new system in close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders across AU. A reference group has also been established with representatives from the local studies administration offices.

Provisional schedule for the implementation of WISEflow

  • Until summer 2023: Technical and organisational implementation
  • Autumn 2023: AU can begin using the new system

What is a statutory tendering procedure?

  • In accordance with the Public Procurement Act, all public institutions must complete a tendering procedure for contracts worth over DKK 1.6 million.
  • The tendering procedure ensures that there is competition for public contacts and that public institutions achieve the best ratio between price and quality.

Read more on the project website (in Danish only - requires VPN)