Open Access

Open Access is about the free access of publicly funded research, i.e. free access to read and use academic literature, including the possibility of unrestricted downloads from academic publications.

With Open Access, all interested parties will have ready access to published research. Access will not be dependent, as is often the case in the current publishing system, on whether you have personally (or via your library) subscribed to a particular journal.

Open Access has no influence on the quality assurances that form part of the publishing process (peer review).

With Open Access (OA), there are basically two models to follow: 'the green model' and 'the golden model'.

Open Access policy at AU

AU has adopted a revised Open Access policy. Researchers is expected to ensure that their research publications are available as Open Access in PURE.

News about Open Access

A greater number of research articles from AU should be freely accessible to the public. In support of the national Open Access strategy, Aarhus University has adjusted its Open Access policies, giving greater visibility to the university’s research.

Experiences with Open Access

Four researchers talk about their experiences

Hear four researchers from AU tell about their experiences with Open Access (in Danish with subtitles).

Watch videos about the national strategy, Horizon 2020 and best practice

The seminar featured a series of presentations about strategy in Open Access.

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