Open Access in Pure

How can AU Library help with Open Access in Pure?

AU Library assists with the practical work involved with Open Access (Open Access enrichment). 

Via the Open Access Submission form you can submit publications that you would like to be made available via Pure. Please note that it will often be the accepted manuscript which is permitted to be uploaded to Pure

AU Library will assess whether the submitted version of your publication can legitimately be made Open Access available in Pure, and will then ensure that the Open Access availability in Pure is made in accordance with the rights of the publisher. AU Library adds a coversheet (front page) to the accepted manuscripts with a link to the publisher's final version to ensure correct citation.

Open Access publication occurs with respect to the authors’ copyright and requires that you have previously obtained approval from any co-authors. 

We recommend that you use this method rather than uploading accepted manuscripts to Pure yourself.

When do I need to self-register OA in Pure?

If you choose to register your publications in Pure yourself, you can upload a version of your article along with registration, so that your publication is visible on the Internet and can be read freely by everyone without subscribing to a journal or similar.

Many publishing houses have an embargo period before free access may be granted. This is possible to respect as part of the Pure upload process.

Relevant Pure guides

Can I archive in other Open Access repositories?

Yes, you can, if the publisher/journal permits. This may be an institutional repository or a subject-based repository:

  • OpenDOAR  - quality assured global list of Open Access repositories

The Danish Open Access indicator also has a list of repositories and online archives, which it recognizes as being sufficiently stable for future archiving:

  • If a repository or an online archive is on this list, the contents are counted in the Open Access indicator's annual count of Danish universities' Open Access activity.
  • The list is updated annually. If you would like the Open Access indicator to consider a repository/archive for inclusion, please contact your local Open Access representative or send an email to 
  • You can still upload to other repositories or online archives. In which case, it will not be included in the Open Access indicator.

All of the University's Pure installations are recognised as repositories in the Open Access indicator. In addition, a large number of external repositories are recognised, including ArxivEurope PMCHAL and many more.

See also a complete and up-to-date list of repositories for the current year, under "Archives".

How do you get hold of the accepted manuscript?

We recommend that you always save a copy of the accepted manuscript.

If you are not yourself the corresponding author of the article, you can ask them to send you the accepted manuscript.

When publishing with some publisher’s it is possible to obtain the accepted manuscript by logging in to their Online Journal Submission System. You might also try contacting the journal directly and ask to have the accepted manuscript sent to you. However, journals generally do not keep the accepted manuscripts for more than 6-24 months.

Make your publication accessible via Open Access in Pure

Contact AU Library’s Open Access support

If you have any questions about Open Access, you are very welcome to contact AU Library's Open Access support: