Open Access strategy in Denmark

The national Open Access strategy

Denmark has a national Open Access strategy, which was updated by the Ministry of Science in 2018. The target is that by 2025 we will have achieved 100% access to all Danish scientific articles from Danish research institutions.

This should primarily take place via the "green path", but in respect to researchers' publication freedoms. It is also essential that quality assurance of research results is maintained.

Read more about Denmark's national Open Access strategy.

The Danish Open Access indicator

The Open Access indicator measures the annual share of Open Access material in Denmark and Danish universities. The indicator shows how Denmark and the individual universities are performing in relation to the objectives of the national strategy for Open Access.

Read more about the Danish Open Access indicator and see the national, and individual university, results

The declarations behind Open Access

Open Access was outlined and defined in the period 2001 to 2003. The basic definitions can be found in the Berlin declaration, the Budapest Open Access Initiative and the ”Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing”.

The Berlin Declaration

Also known as the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (2003)”. The key definitions of Open Access were formulated here. Included in the Budapest-Bethesda-Berlin or BBB Definition of Open Access.

Budapest Open Access Initiative

An initiative that emerged from a meeting in Budapest, organised by the Open Society Institute (OSI) 1.-2. December, 2001 The purpose of the meeting was to speed up the free availability of research articles via the Internet in all scientific fields . Included in the Budapest-Bethesda-Berlin or BBB Definition of Open Access.

Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing

A set of principles aimed at promoting a discussion, especially within the biomedical research world, about how Open Access can best be promoted with respect to  the primary body of scientific literature. Included in the Budapest-Bethesda-Berlin or BBB Definition of Open Access.

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