Data policy in Pure

It is mandatory for AU researchers to submit publications that they produce in the scheme of AU in Pure.

Publications submitted in Pure form a decision base and are used in the following contexts:

  • AU Key Statistics is an annual report with central statistical numbers about AU, including the production of research output for the year.
  • AU Management Reports for all faculties and institutes etc. at Aarhus University.
  • Researchers' personal AU homepages

The table below shows which Pure data is shared and which organisations it is shared with. Write AU Pure at if you have question about how your data is shared.

Display on your personal AU homepage

The personal information that is displayed from Pure is characterised as ordinary personal information according to the Danish Data Protection Agency and is not sensitive. The following types of data is displayed:


  • Organisational affiliations
  • Employment contact information
  • Physical location
  • Content registered in Pure
    • Publications (incl. uploaded full-text files)
    • Activities
    • CVs (public)
    • Projects
    • Press and media clip
    • Awards

You can read more about AU's use of personal data in your employment relationship.

If you are in doubt about how to handle personal data related to your research you can contact your faculty for advice.

Sharing of Pure Publication Data
Receiving organisation Publicaiton category Author's organisational affiliation
Research Portal Denmark Research Yes
The Danish Research Database (discont. Jan 2021) - -
Royal Danish Library catalogue All Yes
Open Access Indicator (OAI) Research Yes